Life can feel pretty damn serious at times – with a jam-packed schedule,
feeling like you’re swept away by tasks and obligations …

What about approaching life in a playful way? Even having FUN?
“Hannah, this is silly. Actually, there’s pretty heavy stuff that I have on my plate – how could I ever possibly have fun doing all of that??”

I feel you. I get you. I’ve been there. And of course, there’s times in our lives that do not feel like fun at all, there’s times of sadness, of pain … We have all been through these exceptionally challenging times in our lives. I am talking about the average day in your life. The day that leaves you feeling drained and exhausted … Wouldn’t you wish sometimes your life would feel more inspiring, more joyful, more pleasant, more FULFILLED? Wouldn’t it be just wonderful to have some sense of awe and wonder in your life?

I had an inspiring conversation with one of my amazing clients yesterday, talking about exactly that. It wasn’t only her mind disconnecting certain parts of her daily life as “not being life”. She so longed for feeling the “real life” because she would not give herself permission to feel the joy of living every second of her life. Life was just too serious. Sounds familiar?

The point is: Our time is NOW. We don’t know how much time we have left on this planet, in this physical existence. If your time was up now, wouldn’t it be awesome to look back on a life filled with tremendous fun, joy and fulfilment? And how would it feel looking back on your life finding that you had spent all your time living up to a crazily packed schedule, feeling exhausted, questioning yourself all the time?? Wouldn’t it be better to add some sparkles of joy to your everyday life? Like NOW?

Good news: You can absolutely do that!! Quick fix: Add some FUN to your day-to-day obligations. E.g. get yourself the most beautiful pen that you can then use to jot down all the obligations in your calendar. Make your desk look pretty (pen holder, pictures, decoration). Turn the most boring tasks into an ode to joy.

Sustainable solution: CLEAR OUT THE CLUTTER from your consciousness that keeps you taking life all seriously, that has you obeying to your schedule and push away joy of living all the time. SHIFT YOUR FOCUS from misery to joy and fun. To the magic that you can make happen every single day. It is absolutely possible to have a life feeling fulfilled, feeling the joy AND smash outcomes in your business. If this is something that you want: Join me on my next FREE masterclass!!

Next week on Wednesday, March 28, 7.30pm CET I’ll conduct a live online training where I will show you exactly how you can get from a life where you feel frustrated and overwhelmed, where you keep constantly questioning yourself to a life you’ll love, having consistent flow in your work, doing what matters most to you. Seating is limited, so make sure to claim your spot! Put “I want in!” in the comments and I’ll share the registration information with you. See you on the webinar!

Listen to your heart & act accordingly.

Much love,
Hannah xx