“Curiousity killed the cat.”? Not anymore!!

We are curiousity-driven beings – we love to explore. This is a good thing!! BUT, what happens nowadays is: We face an overload of information, heaps of new things coming your way every single day, there’s so much going on, and your system is overfed with information.

WHAT HAPPENS: You freeze. You get stuck. With so many opportunities coming your way, how are you supposed to know which one to take? You end up in INDECISIVENESS – THIS is what kills the cat in the end!! Indecisiveness is nothing but an illusion and a state of FEAR – fear of taking responsibility, fear of taking the consequences, fear of INVESTING sth. that doesn’t turn out right.

TRUTH IS: You ALWAYS invest SOMETHING – TIME, ENERGY, MONEY. Indecisiveness has you investing HEAPS of all of these. And let’s be honest: Facing that inner turmoil of gazillions of questions with no answers is exhausting!

TRUTH IS: You’re making choices all the time no matter what your fear is trying to make you believe – otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. AND: Let me make this clear. You. Are. Facing. The. Consequences. Of. Your. Choices. Already. You not living your most fulfilled life is one of it. You feeling exhausted and drained, washed away by your super-busy schedule is another.

Indecisiveness doesn’t prevent you from making choices. It doesn’t prevent you from facing the consequences of the decisions you make or you refuse to make.

BUT: It keeps you from reaching your potential. It prevents you from joyfully and wholeheartedly manifesting your dreams. It prevents you from unfolding. It prevents you from shining your light.

THIS IS the most unsafe & unhealthiest place to be in – leaving you feeling drained, exhausted, confused & overwhelmed – without getting any further.

I’D LOVE TO KNOW: What is the choice you make today? Giving in to indecisiveness or committing to a goal and going for it? Either way, you make a choice. YOU DO.

Let me know what you choose in the comments!!

Much love,
Hannah xx