You might have had this happening to you: You feel inspired, you take action, you simply cannot stop, and you might even feel like a maniac on a mission – you simply HAVE TO move forward. It feels so good, and then – a voice inside you goes: Is that too much? What if I don’t get enough time to take a break?

Your inspired action-taking is blocked by you being afraid to ride the wave – because you’re afraid of doing too much!! This is the WEIRDEST fear that I come across so often these days!! This fear is based on you sticking to the illusion of linearity, which is almost translucent because basically everyone sticks to it to a certain degree. We are brought up believing life’s a steady flow, no ups and downs, it’s all linear …

Truth is: Life is cyclic, life is ebb and flow. Just look at what’s going on in nature: After planting the seeds there’s a phase of growth, then there’s ripening, there’s harvest, which then is followed by winter, a time to pause, to reflect, to adjust – to then begin the next cycle.

QUESTION: How could you possibly do too much when you’re taking inspired action-steps? How could you overwork it when you’re just in alignment with your goals, you have clarity on what step to take next?
Wouldn’t it be complete nonsense to put that next step off?

Giving in to that fear of doing too much is you procrastinating, is you wrapping yourself up in a comfort blanket. This might sound hard and I hear you!! I know that giving in to this fear might look like the easier choice in the first place, BUT: Is it fulfilling??

It all comes down to surrendering to your wisdom and to the cyclic nature of life. So, ask yourself: Do you trust in life? Do you trust yourself and your true being well enough to just know that you will have the time to relax when you need it? YES, this is about trust (again!). You need to trust – in your truth, in the ebb and flow of life. This is the foundation you need to establish. If you don’t trust, you’ll never live up to your potential. You’ll miss out on opportunities. You’ll end up playing small.

… aren’t you sick of that? Haven’t you done that long enough? Procrastinating? Giving in to the voice of reason?

Make a promise today: Promise yourself to play full out. Promise yourself to trust yourself, to trust in life. Share your promise in the comments to let the Universe know you’re ready to live up to your potential.

Listen to your heart & act accordingly.

Much love,
Hannah xx