There’s a massive energy potential present right now – NERVOUSNESS!!! Can you feel it already? The pressure? The noise? Things going completely wrong, turning out in weird ways, no matter your efforts in planning and preparation? You know that you still need to get stuff done, right!! Knowing how to move forward despite all the distractions make a HUGE difference! Makes it so much easier for you to move forward with your guided action-steps, saves you so much time and energy. AND in the end provides you with the most awesome opportunity. Want to know what that is?

Listen: Just pretending that in all the turmoil, you coud carry on like you used to do is like as if you’d like to drive a car with a muddy windscreen – you can still turn the wheel, you can still accelerate – but where the heck are you going??? And how do you get back to where you started when you find you took a detour?? NERVOUSNESS is like the mud on the screen, you need to find a way to see clearly again.

First and most important thing: You need to give yourself some space to breathe. STOP DOING WHATEVER YOU’RE DOING. Like, literally. Sit still. Breathe. Do it. Consciously. Doing so you can instantly feel the pressure lowering. But you need to do it consciously. Vigorously focus on your breathe. Like as if there was no tomorrow! Don’t allow anything to enter you consciousness but the sound of your breath and the notions you get from your body expanding, letting go, and relaxing. Do that for at least three minutes. THEN search for what resonates with the NERVOUSNESS. A fear? A doubt? Find it, identify it (you can do that now that you’re relaxed). This is what has you see the mud on your windscreen. And then: Use the wiper! Clear that thing out!! There’s so many ways of doing change work, and you can try your most favourite way – what I suggest is: Tune inwards and ask this emotion for its message – receive it – let that emotion dissolve – BOOM. Done.

Wondering what that OPPORTUNITY might be that I mentioned earlier? By doing so, you not only get back to a serene, focussed state and get more stuff done – you also STEP INTO YOUR POWER. You make a conscious choice to not give in to the pressure and confusion but make something loving and SO POWERFUL out of it. You transform. You heal. You gain clarity. You move forward confidently, with ease and flow.

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And as always, listen to your heart & act accordingly.

All love,
Hannah xx