Divine Sparkle Insights – a Path to Your Most Authentic & Fulfilled Life

TODAY: Busting the biggest myth around spiritual teachers & mentors – and why that is so important for YOU to know.

Welcome to my new FB Live broadcast!! This is your place to be when you want to find out about a life that leaves you fulfilled every single day, if you’re into balancing your over-analysing and thinking mind AND if you’re willing to finally listen to that silent voice of your intuition that has been gently nudging you to take a leap and create what your heart yearns to see manifested in this world.

I’ll share insights, tips and tools from my daily practice as an intuitive and coach, as well as some behind-the scenes stuff that I simply do not share anywhere else. And you can ask me questions!! This is your opportunity to step into your power – remember: You will never know if someone else has the same question that’s been on your mind for AGES if you do not at some point simply ASK IT!!!

Cannot wait to get this conversation started with you!

Loads of love,
Hannah xx



RISE SISTER RISE: A Guide to Unleashing the Wise, Wild Woman Within, by Rebecca Campbell (Publisher: Hay House, ISBN-10: 1401951899, ISBN-13: 978-1401951894)

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