The One Annoying Thing – Could Be Your BIG Opportunity

There’s a massive energy potential present right now – NERVOUSNESS!!! Can you feel it already? The pressure? The noise? Things going completely wrong, turning out in weird ways, no matter your efforts in planning and preparation? You know that you still need to get stuff done, right!! Knowing how to move forward despite all the distractions make a HUGE difference! Makes it so much easier for you to move forward with your guided action-steps, saves you so much time and energy. AND in the end provides you with the most awesome opportunity. Want to know what that is?… Read More

The Weirdest Fear!! It Might Be Blocking You …

You might have had this happening to you: You feel inspired, you take action, you simply cannot stop, and you might even feel like a maniac on a mission – you simply HAVE TO move forward. It feels so good, and then – a voice inside you goes: Is that too much? What if I don’t get enough time to take a break?

Your inspired action-taking is blocked by you being afraid to ride the wave – because you’re afraid of doing too much!! This is the WEIRDEST fear that I come across so often these days!! This … Read More

Want to Know What Killed the Cat?? It’s Not What You Think!

“Curiousity killed the cat.”? Not anymore!!

We are curiousity-driven beings – we love to explore. This is a good thing!! BUT, what happens nowadays is: We face an overload of information, heaps of new things coming your way every single day, there’s so much going on, and your system is overfed with information.

WHAT HAPPENS: You freeze. You get stuck. With so many opportunities coming your way, how are you supposed to know which one to take? You end up in INDECISIVENESS – THIS is what kills the cat in the end!! Indecisiveness is nothing but an illusion … Read More

Coming to Terms with Change – You Need to Shift

Let’s be honest: Live is ever-changing and so are you. And it might well be that you feel overwhelmed at times, not knowing how to deal with all the changes that you are presented with. You might feel exhausted.

Truth is, there’s a choice you have: Either giving in to the struggle, OR making a shift. A shift in your heartset. If you want to come to terms with change, if you long for having some peace of mind again: This is crucial.

Let me share with you the one important step you need to take to shift … Read More

Joy in Times of Transition

Going through the challenges life presents us with, we can get swept away by feelings of confusion, overwhelm, loss and sorrow. We might end up feeling there’s no light at the end of the tunnel.

Especially in those challenging times, it is crucial to shift your focus. Back to life. Back to joy.

Join me in the conversation when we talk about joy in general, how to experience more joy in your life and how to shift your focus when you feel like all hope is gone.

I’d love for you to share: What is your #1 joy … Read More

What About Taking Things Playfully Seriously?

Life can feel pretty damn serious at times – with a jam-packed schedule,
feeling like you’re swept away by tasks and obligations …

What about approaching life in a playful way? Even having FUN?
“Hannah, this is silly. Actually, there’s pretty heavy stuff that I have on my plate – how could I ever possibly have fun doing all of that??”

I feel you. I get you. I’ve been there. And of course, there’s times in our lives that do not feel like fun at all, there’s times of sadness, of pain … We have all been through … Read More

What is it that makes you feel truly inspired?

What is it that makes you feel truly inspired?? Tune in to find out why it is so important that you come from a place of inspiration and joy, whatever task you’re about to complete. AND I’d love for you to share your answers to these questions in the comments below:

A) What is it that makes you feel truly inspired?
b) What is one of the least pleasant tasks you have to do and what could you do to make even this a pleasant and enjoyable experience?

Cannot wait to hear your thoughts, much love,
Hannah… Read More

The Plague, Pt. II

The Plague, Pt. II – You’ve caught a virus – an almost “translucent” one you’re hardly aware of. It keeps you from stepping into your full potential. It sabotages your guided action steps.

Tune in to find out about WHAT THAT VIRUS EXACTLY IS – and learn about THE CURE! … Read More

Divine Sparkle Insights – a Path to Your Most Authentic & Fulfilled Life TODAY: #metoo. Adding some more layers to the conversation.This is personal. This is me speaking my heart-felt truth. No be…

Divine Sparkle Insights – a Path to Your Most Authentic & Fulfilled Life

TODAY: #metoo. Adding some more layers to the conversation.

This is personal. This is me speaking my heart-felt truth. No being right or being wrong. Just layers & aspects that I feel need to be discussed. From my heart to yours.

Join the conversation. Let’s talk. Respectfully. Lovingly. Knowing that we’re all connected.

Loads of love,
Hannah xx… Read More