As a coach and intuitive, my passion is supporting others to create the life they desire. It’s just what makes my heart sing. I know that by doing my work, I live my purpose, my “mission”. But it wasn’t always that way.

I managed to survive a quite challenging childhood, where my main focus was surviving and living up to my employee family’s expectations: Work hard, make them proud, fit in, do the “right thing”. I graduated, went to University, worked hard. I found myself stuck in a job – a good job from an outside perspective – feeling “There has to be more!”. I just couldn’t wrap my head around what this “more” could be. I got frustrated. I kept working hard, created success, made my career and still, that nagging feeling didn’t go away that there had to be a better way. And I got so hard on myself, trying to fit in, thinking something was wrong with me. Everyone around me seemed to be so happy with their lives, why couldn’t I just get myself together??

One day I found a mentor – she was running a successful business helping others turn their lives around and I instantly knew: This is what I wanted. She started teaching me and I listened closely. Finally, I had clarity on my “better way”: I wanted to help others. I wanted to create change. So, I took the leap, ditched my job and opened my practice. Not an easy step to take to be honest – I was full of fear: Could I really do it? What if I got it all wrong? What if I failed? I decided to give it a go anyway, worst case scenario I would end up where I had started. I started working with clients and gosh, did I love supporting them. With my enthusiasm and willingness to work hard, I created results but somehow I always seemed to ‚bounce back‘ – as if I was battling myself. My answer was to push even harder and yes, I made progress but it was so hard. I was hustling.  Everywhere I looked I saw others winning, and I knew this should have been me. I continued to work on my mindset, took weekend seminars, heaps of different coachings and healing sessions… You name it, I did it.

It wasn’t until I decided to go all in that things started to shift. I got crystal clear on all the aspects of my ONE BIG VISION, focused on only that,  got a coach and worked on myself every day. I realised that all the beliefs, all the inner conflicts I had were unconscious. I realised that nothing was wrong with me. All I had to do was find my sabotage patterns and stop reinforcing them. And I realised that all things are created twice and I had to tackle both layers to turn my vision into reality. I implemented what I knew would work consistently. This is what made my dream come true – I established my coaching and speaking business, created my network of mission-driven maniacs and love every day spending it inspiring and helping others.

If you’ve read this far: I want you to know that you can manifest everything you desire. I want you to know that nothing is wrong with you. There is nothing you need to fix or heal. You too, have everything you need to create the life you deserve. The question is: Are you ready for it? Are you willing to go all in?